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We are offering a level 1-3 CPO and/or a Anti Poaching course with international instructors. The courses includes Accommodation, food, ammunition and learning material. The course will be 2 weeks of night and day training. The Facility is in the Eastern Cape and is Situated inside a Rhino Camp. We have an on site shooting range. This is a one of a kind facility. The price for the Anti Poaching course is R25k and the CPO course is R35k At the end of the course there will be level testing and if past you will receive an Certificate by the International Training Academy. www.ipa- We only have openings for 26 Students call Abri Pienaar +27 (0) 83 645-4225 or Colin Pearson on +27 (0) 83 968-7270
New    IPA    &    TAC    NET    APU    training    center    is    being    built    and accommodations   up   to   30   participants.   With   a   270   degree   shooting range.   The   first   CPO   and   anti-poaching   courses   will   start   in   end   of November 2019. More Infos: +27 83 645 4225, Abri Pienaar