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The   International   Protection   Academy   was   founded   in   2011   in   South   Africa,   we   are   a International   Company   and   not   a   Association.   Our   activities   are   spread   all   over   the world.    We    maintain    close    relations    with    well-known    bodyguard    and    security companys. Our   training-on-the-job   and   schooling   programs   focus   on   the   education   of   security and    bodyguard    personnel    of    private    and    public    contractors.    We    attach    great importance   to   the   enhancement   and   improvement   of   methods,   techniques   and   tactics in    the    field    of    personal    security    by    integrating    the    latest    innovations    and developments into our internationally recognized and successfully taught programs. Intensive   cooperation   and   exchange   with   our   international   partners,   authorities,   and other   companies   of   the   security   industry   thereby   guarantee   a   state   of   the   art   level   of our   skills   and   knowledge   to   the   benefit   of   VIPs   and   celebrities   in   politics,   economy, and society. We do not teach people against who we actually want to protect ourselves!
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